Our Story


Hello and welcome to The Edible Ornament Company’s online store. We are Bob and Casey, owners and operators of a family bakery located in San Diego, California. We are committed to producing high quality handmade holiday gifts that are sure to delight.

Bob at work Our story starts off simply enough when we relocated from southern New Jersey to San Diego some years ago. We were working traditional day jobs when the small company that Bob worked for decided to have a holiday cookie contest. Not wanting to just make another batch of cookies, Bob decided to take his favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, encapsulate it in  white chocolate and form it into the shape of an ornament. Needless to say, the cookies were a hit and the contest winner. Once word got out to family and friends about how delicious and unique these cookies were, we couldn’t make them fast enough. It was time to move into a professional facility and start making cookies to meet the demand.

We are still a small family owned and operated bakery. Each cookie is  handmade and inspected by us to insure only the best quality product goes to our customers. We are certain that you will not only love the look of these edible ornaments but you will be amazed by their decadence.

Happy Holidays,
Bob & Casey