Shipping/Packaging Info

We ship to anywhere within the continental US. All of our shipping is made via USPS flat rate shipping boxes. Our mailers are packed inside the flat rate box for extra protection. Each cookie is individually housed in it’s own compartment,nestled in coordinating tissue paper and covered with a clear tray to make sure it arrives intact.

Each mailer is decoratively designed to reflect the holiday season and houses each cookie securely during transport.

Shipping Rates
  Individual Gift Box

$12.65 for 1-12 boxes
$25.30 for 13-24 boxes
$37.95 for 25-36 boxes and so on…

  Four Pack Mailer  $12.65 flat rate per box
  Nine Pack Mailer  $12.65 flat rate per box

Any order may be directly picked up from our bakery location in San Diego. Click here for directions. There is no charge for local pickup. All cellophane packaged products must be picked up locally from our bakery.